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"i'm 16, here 4 of my phot is it good? Thanks." (Gautam Narang,

This picture looks as if it had been hurrriedly snatched! It shows the building well, but might have been more interesting if we could have got a closer view of the girl and seen what she was doing, preferably with the building in the background. But this would have needed a lot of setting up, so presumably wasn't possible..

Boy running cropped
Boy running
Your picture (on the left) obviously had to be grabbed quickly too, but it would have been better if you hadn't (accidentally?) tilted the camera, but had allowed space in front of the boy for him to run into, rather than behind him. As it is, he seems to be disappearing out of the picture. In my version (on the right), I've moved in for a closer view of him.

This picture looks a little lopsided, having the man so near the left-hand edge of it. He doesn't really seem to connect up with the large area of pavement behind him. It might have been better in front of him! But it's certainly an atmospheric shot.

Man in street
Temple images cropped
Temple images
I think your picture (on the left) is by far the most pleasing of the photos you sent me, and is very effective. It's fine as it is, but (on the right) I've tried moving the golden image off-centre, and come in a bit closer to make the picture less cluttered. I've actually moved the image a third of the way up, and a third of the way along the picture (the famous intersection of thirds) - but I still like your original version!

"Hi, The attached photos were taken with a Canon Sureshot Tele 80. I love to take pictures and would like any suggestions and help you can provide. I have since taken other photos using some of the suggestions on your site. I will send you four of those when I get them back from the processor. I have sent 2 more than the limit, sorry. Feel free to critique whichever four you wish. Thank You," (Karen Lower, Ionia, Michigan)

Path cropped
Path through snow
Your photo (on the left) might have been more interesting if someone (or at least a prominent foreground object) had been included in the picture. However, as both the path and the trees reach upwards, I think I prefer a vertical format (as on the right). I've also made the picture a bit more contrasty so as to bring out the white of the snow. To avoid snow misleading the exposure meter, try excluding it when you take the meter reading then swing the camera back to include it again when you take the picture.

This is a very pleasing picture with very attractive coloring. For once it seems quite justified to have the girl right in the middle of the picture, as it emphasises how much she is surrounded by leaves. Well done!
Girl in tree
house and boat
This looks much more ordinary. Perhaps a closer view with someone sitting on (or looking at) the boat would have made it more arresting, especially if it had been in the immediate foreground, with the house in the background.
clouds The clouds certainly look dramatic, but might have looked even more so if there hadn't quite so much clear blue sky in the top right of the picture. But, even so, the overall coloring is very attractive, and it was a good idea to include the tree as foreground framing on the left.
Snow pictureReply from Karen L. Lower: "Hello again, Thank you for the wonderful comments on my pictures. The forest trail picture was also taken vertically. I have included it for you to see. Also, my camera doesn't have the capabilities to set meter reading, the camera automatically sets the focusing and light exposure, so my hands were tied as far as making the snow whiter. Thanks again for all your suggestions."
With many automatic cameras, you can semi-depress the release button to set the focus and exposure on, for example, the trees, then only fully depress the button when you've swung down to include the snow.

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