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"I'm going to try and send these, so if they don't show up i'm sorry. but the first picture is of my dog tyler, he just looked great behind those flowers. The second picture is of my other two dogs, Penny and Bud. The last picture is me trying out a panaramic shot. i'm planning to go into photography, and i need a littel advice. i only have a kodak advantix camera, but i plan to get a bigger and better camera, what do you suggest? thanks, jon." (John Scott)

It's a great pity so much of the dog's face is lost in shadow. Otherwise, this could have been a really good photo.

Dogs Dogs closer
Your photo (on the left) was taken from too far away, and there's a major distraction (the black loop on the bottom right of it). In my version on the right, I've moved in closer. But it would have been much better if you'd removed the rug that the dogs were lying on, as the white of the right-hand dog merges into it. Much better to have used just the green grass background.
I'm afraid I never received your third photo!

Reply from John Scott: "I really appreciate you looking at and posting my photos on your web site. But I need to know what kind of camera "you" have or you really like. I need to buy one for my photography class next semester. I would really appreciate it. Oh and here is two more pictures i would like you to look at.thanks."

Dog cropped
Once again, your photo (on the left) was taken from too far away. Move in closer, as on the right, and you can see the dog more clearly. The pose isn't all that interesting, though!

Girl cropped
This photo (on the left) is much more lively, although it too could be improved by coming in closer and losing some of the black background, as on the right. Some automatic cameras have a special "night scenes" flash mode that allows a longer exposure than the flash needs, so as to capture more of the background. It would have been interesting to have seen a bit more of the background here.

I'm always reluctant to advise on specific cameras, but the British "Which?" magazine, that aims to give disinterested advice on "best value" choices in a variety of price ranges, based on its own tests, recommended the following among the latest APS/compact zoom cameras in December 2000: Minolta Vectis 260 (APS), Fujifilm Nexia 220ixZ (APS), Minolta Riva Zoom 150 (compact 35mm) and Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 120ED (compact 35mm). If you're after picture quality, I'd go for a 35mm compact rather than APS. If you're really ambitious, don't choose either but aim for a (much more expensive) single lens reflex from a leading make. Or, if you can cope with the image editing and printing, you'll probably get most fun from a digital camera! But do pick a camera with a focusing lens.

"philip- i really liked what u said last time (Your Photos 58) and wanted to know what you thought i should do w/this picture. thanx smuch!" (amanda curran)

Face lighter
Your photo (on the left) is quite attractively composed, but is rather under-exposed, and so looks better, as on the right, when it's been lightened and when the rather distracting white area has been removed from the bottom right-hand corner. I think I'd also have been inclined to show a fraction more hair at the top of the picture, and a fraction less coat at the bottom. But it's a good try!

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