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"My names Leanne, i live in Australia. Could you please look at the four pictures i sent in and tell me what you think of them, and how i could of improved. And also with the baby photo i was restricted to the flash attached to the camera, is there any way you can make it less obvious. Thank you!" (Leanne Kerwin)

You might have been able to conceal the shadow by having the baby further away from the background, but I can't say this worries me all that much. It's more important to get a rather more animated expression, perhaps showing the baby playing with the duck or reacting in some way to it or to you.
It would be better to use a lower camera angle so that we can see the face properly. With portraits (of cats as well as people) it's often a good idea to look up at the subject.
A fine dramatic sky with effective framing by the leaves.
Lighthouse Lighthouse improved
I seem to get sent lots of lighthouses (and sunsets)! Your photo (on the left) is all right, but the coloring is a bit too subtle.You could do with a slightly more dramatic sky, as suggested on the right. Otherwise, it's just another picture of a lighthouse

"Hi!! I kind of fell in love with this shot of my daughter. It is my first one where I have set up in the mudroom of my house. It is on the north side of the house, with a door and window along the north wall (to the left of Kayleigh) and a skylight in the slanted roof above. I bought some black cotton material and hung that on the wall behind her. I wanted her to leap off the print at you, and I was quite pleased with the results. Can you give me your expert opinion?
Thanks!!!" (Ian A. Scott. Haddonfield, NJ USA)

I like your photo (on the left). The lighting, camera angle and background all work very well, so I've tried moving in for a close-up, on the right. I'm not quite so sure about her rather startled expression, though! But, if this is the moment you really wanted to catch, you've taken a very successful photo.

"Hi there....I was very happy to see your web are doing a good thing helping others..I could not beleive there was not a cost to send my photos in and get some advise...=) anyways...I love taking is an inspiration to me...I constantly try to capture my children and their funny moments and best moments....I just have a cheap camera but, this year for christmas I would like to buy myself a better one...can you recoment a good one to start with...I want to capture things in the air. and freeze things..stuff like that.. anyways...I would like your opinion on my pictures...Do they look like my child is the center of attention...yet, you dont only see them...that is what I wanted...I hope to take pictures of kids someday.. I would liike to hear any comments you have GOOD OR BAD....=) that is what helps is critisism right? lol hope you enjoy them as much as I do...these ones I am sending are not my best..but, I do not have many scanned..I will have to scan more sometime... thanks Gabrielle
Discription of pics...ethanrock, is my son...we were at the beach....looking for crabs...=) I wanted to see the water and the rock, but, I wanted people to focus on ethan in the picture...but, the scene was beautifull...
Madi....this is my daughter, this picture was to me great...because she was not smilling...she was going about her own little the same time..she is still darling..=)
MADMOUTH....well this is one of my favorites...just can see her personality...I love it
MADRON...this is madison again sitting with ronald ....I wanted to show a bit of him..just so you know...but, focus on her..
let me know what you think of all of can post them on your site if you have my use names as well..=) thanks again...=)" (GAB and KEITH 10 MacDonald Rd
Salisbury, NB E4J2J6 (506) 372-5365

Boy on rock
Boy closer
This (on the left) is a very successful photo, but you could concentrate just a bit more on the boy by moving closer in, as on the right. I don't think this loses enough of the background to lessen the interest of the picture You've managed to catch a very happy expression. This is the sort of sunlit scene that a cheap camera can best cope with.

Little girl Baby
The photo on the left is a bit over exposed, and your camera didn't (I presume) allow you to move in for a bold close-up. As a consequence, the photo looks (to anyone not in the family) just a bit ordinary.
The close-up of the baby (on the right) is completely out of focus - once again, a limitation of your camera. To take close-ups, you really must have a focusing lens.

I find this photo very confusing. Once again, you've caught a happy expression on the child's face, but I've no idea what's going on. Is that a dummy behind her, but a real person's leg on the right? And why are both in red stripes? Here's a scene we need to see more of, before we can make any sense out of it! A more carefully chosen camera angle might have explained everything.

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